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Focus On Poetry

By Sumana Ramanan

08th July 2020


This list of women poets through the ages is interesting both for what it includes and leaves out. Heavily West-centric, apart from a couple of Japanese poets thrown in, we see no mention of Indian women poets in many languages, such as Andal from Tamil literature and Silabhattarika from the Sanskrit canon.



Silence can either be courageous or cowardly; it can spur creativity but also cause loneliness. It all depends upon the context. Here are poems that explore the many facets of silence.

10 of the Best Poems about Silence


In some cultures, writing poetry is part of the social fabric. Ordinary people write poems and read them out to one another. One does not have to be a professional poet to write. It is a way of life. It is a way of understanding yourself and the world.