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Tata Literature Live! MyStory 2015, Winning Entry #1

By Tata Literature Live!

12th October 2015

Revathy “Amma”, her voice goes as she strides barefoot towards the entrance door. The

inkling of her silver anklets still echoing in the silent dark room. Her forehead kissed with a big

red moon placed asymmetrically between her brows. Bangles in her hand make subtle noise

as she manages to proper her 6 yards’ saree draped around her young body. — “Don’t be

loud Revathy, your babuji doesn’t like it. And when will you learn to wear this?” says Amma

with a tensed look, while folding the pleats of Revathy’s saree. Covering her head with the

saree’s edge, Revathy blurts, “Amma, can I go to school with Ashok?” making Amma burst

out laughing over the silly words of her 11 year old daughter-in-law.