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Rock Babas and other stories by Ameya Prabhu


Monday, 08th March 2021

Virtual Event

Rock Babas and other stories by Ameya Prabhu
Held online for students of Pravin Gandhi College of Law, Vile Parle, Mumbai
Date : March 8, 2021 on MS Teams


Writer Ameya Prabhu spent a joyous hour speaking to students about his debut novel and his experiences in writing.  The curious questions that came from students ranged from his discipline  in writing to imagined characters and the cultural milieu in which they are set.


This talk was held under the aegis of Literature Live! 360@Campus and was the first online talk with students. Till pre covid times, such sessions were held on college campuses with students personally interacting with the author and  the opportunity to purchase copies of the author’s books with a flourish of personalizing these copies signed by the author in their presence.

The event was organized by students of PGCL who managed and coordinated efficiently all the logistics that go with online events.

Guest author Ameya was highly appreciative of the initiative taken by the students .  “It was a thoroughly well organised event with eager listeners and excellent, relevant questions. Such interactions are useful for both the author and the audience and I truly enjoyed the time I spent with them”

A large number attended this talk despite screen fatigue and found the conversation very engaging.

“The session was helpful and interactive. We got a deep insight into Ameya sir’s book and also into the thought and research that goes into writing a book. It was a haven for us writers. We learnt a lot from Ameya sir.” – Siddhi Deshmukh (Second Year, B.L.S./LL.B. Student, PGCL, Mumbai)


“It was really good to get an understanding of not only what goes into writing a book but also about different cultures and people through this session with Ameya sir. Through the Q and A, we were able to pick his brain and learn more about his book as well. It was a wonderful session.” – Aadnya  (Second Year, B.L.S./LL.B. Student, PGCL, Mumbai)


“It was truly an engaging and an enlightening session. The students as well as I enjoyed the session fully.” -Vidya Tewani, lecturer , Dept of English Literature



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